Community fundraising is about mobilising families within the Worcestershire communities to support Worcestershire Hospitals Charity. It is what many people think of when they think of the term ‘fundraising’ and can include events, bake sales, raffles, table sales, and much more!

With the right activity you could attract a large audience to give small donations with the support of volunteers in the local community. For all the popularity of community fundraising should be a cost-effective means of generating income for your cause.

For instance, you could run a small charity raffle for a fraction of the cost of booking bands and food for a fundraising ball.

So what other benefits are there? Benefits of community fundraising: Your group may have a certain amount of money that it wants to raise from community fundraising, but as mentioned above, this form of fundraising is not always cost effective, so what other benefits can it have for you and the charity;

 It is an opportunity to raise awareness of your group in the local community

 It can help you to find new individual donors and volunteers

 It can help your group to build up credibility within your community

 It can be used to give recognition to donors and volunteers

 It can educate the public about us and your work

 It can provide unrestricted income for the charity or go to a specific appeal